Financial Assistance

At Briezy's Bunch, we are dedicated to providing financial assistance for critical care needs when insurance denies coverage. 

What qualifies as "critical care needs?"

-Short-term, emergency medication funding

-Seizure monitoring devices (e.g. watches, bed monitors, cameras)

-Adaptive equipment (e.g. strollers, gait trainers, communication devices)

-Other neurologist-recommended needs not covered by insurance

Application Requirements

-Signed application and waiver of liability

-Proof of income 

-Proof of neurologist's recommendation or recent appointment printout showing diagnosis

-Proof of insurance denial (excluding specific seizure monitoring devices)


Helping our Local Community

Epilepsy Support Group

With this initiative, our goal is to meet the emotional needs of people affected by epilepsy in our local community. We also have an online support community, which can be accessed here: Briezy's Bunch Facebook Support Group


Educational Resources

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to inform families and the public about epilepsy, and work to reduce stigma associated with this disorder. We also want to provide resources to families so you have access to our CEO's personal Dropbox folder with articles and information about epilepsy. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.


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